Pioneer Health Group
Large Business of the Year

“When we ask larger medical groups looking to expand to Green Valley/Sahuarita how they have heard of our services, they often say that the Chamber office had provided them with the contact information. We are also so grateful for all the networking opportunities that the Chamber provides for all of us.”

Amy Malkin – Pioneer Health Group

Allstate Insurance
Raeschelle Ortiz
Exclusive Agent
Small Business of the Year

“The more Chamber functions I’ve attended, the more referrals I’ve received! My business continues to grow and I can attribute part of that success to the networking opportunities the Chamber has provided.”

Raeschelle Ortiz – Allstate Insurance

Legal Shield
Diane M Kephart
Independent Agent
Home-Based Business of the Year

“The Chamber is a wonderful group of people with whom you can connect and grow.  The key to success is being involved!”

Diane Kephart – LegalShield


Shield Bar Marketing
Nikole Haumont
New Business of the Year

“I can attest that the networking I’ve been able to participate in with other business owners and professionals at the various Chamber events has exponentially helped my marketing business grow.”

Nikole Haumont – Shield Bar Marketing



Sahuarita Educational Enrichment Foundation (SEEF)

“The Chamber enhances our relationship with the public as we engage in fundraising activities to support educational opportunities for students and teachers in our community…the Chamber is impacting public education in Green Valley and Sahuarita and supporting its youth.” 

Jan Spooner – Sahuarita Educational Enrichment Foundation

Ribbon Cuttings