10 Reasons to be a Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber Member *

Invest in Your Future – Join the Chamber!

10.Showcasing Your Business –  Market your company or yourself with your Chamber membership. Ribbon cuttings, newsletter, business ads and event sponsorship allow you to deliver your message throughout the Az19 community.

9. Accessing Information – With the Chamber newsletter, you inform and are informed by the business community.  Through the Chamber website, information meetings, and social media, you will always be up-to-date on what’s going on in your community.

8. Communicating is Key –  The Chamber acts as a clearinghouse for business news and views at multiple levels.  From local to state and federal political and economic affairs, your Chamber makes sure you are informed.

7. Training & Education The Chamber is your advocate for business success by offering training and education programs to all members.

6. Contacting and Networking –  Our directory provides alphabetical and categorical listings of all members and is distributed community-wide. The Directory can be used by people thinking about relocating to our community, new members to our community, and Chamber members interested in networking with other business members. 

5. Promoting Business Success –  As a business leader in our community,  your success is acknowledged and valued by Chamber members.   

4. Coaching and Mentoring –  Asking for or giving advice, Chamber members are committed to the belief that the success of one business is a success for all.  We grow and prosper with the success of each business.  

3. Supporting Small and Home-Based Businesses – Your Chamber knows the heart of American business begins with that single individual with an idea and the passion to make it a reality.  Regardless of your size or structure, your Chamber membership gives you an army of business leaders who are in your corner.

2. Advocating for Business – The Chamber serves as a unified voice to represent the business interests of Green Valley/Sahuarita community. 

1. And the Number One Reason – Together, with other Chamber members, you will make a positive impact on the community, create a business friendly environment, broaden your business network, enhance your business leadership and professional skills and have fun in the process.

* Thanks to Dr. Kathleen Wishnick for the 10 Reasons to be a Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber Member.