Forty two years ago we opened a restaurant in Tucson.  Several of our customers thought we should check out the little community south of Tucson called Green Valley. They said we would be a perfect fit.

The rest is history.  When we opened our restaurant in Green Valley, the population was about five thousand.  We were one of three places to eat.  We figured if the entire population ate with us once a week we might make it.  Our little community welcomed us with open arms and we were off and running.

A lot has changed in the past forty years. Our population has grown to over thirty-five thousand and there are over forty places to eat in the surrounding area. One of the things that didn’t change was our restaurant.  The ownership of Arizona Family Restaurant has stayed the same over thirty-five years with the exception of adding Kathy Wagner to our team.  Our management has over seventy-six years combined experience at this location.

We pride ourselves in the products we use.  Only the finest ingredients are used in preparing your meal.  We use farm fresh eggs.  Our produce arrives fresh to our door four times a week from one of the best quality controlled produce houses in the country.  Our meat is federally inspected and other products we serve are all purchased from an equally respected supplier.

We truly feel we are part of the Green Valley community and want to continue to earn the “Family” part of our name.  If you don’t feel we make your dining experience what you expect, we want to know.

Thank you for making us part of your day!